Admirable support for Warburton

Some cynical types have pointed to the fact that the Sevco manager has not been heard of since Saturday.

However, I am sure that the Admirable Warburton is merely taking a well-earned vacation.

The idea that he could be on a job search is simply an appalling vista for The People.

As has been previously reported here the financial realities under which the ex-City trader has to operate at Ibrox is that player trading must be wage neutral.

The signing of Mr. Joseph Anthony “Joey” Barton was an undoubted coup for the club founded in 2012.

I’m told that the words attributed to the Admirable Warburton in the press release apropos Barton’s fine physical condition did not come from the ex-City trader.

My information is that his salary will be met from the savings made by the fact that three players headed for the Ibrox exit.

The over investing has moved up a gear as Mr. Barton is commanding a substantial salary for the full 52 weeks of the year.

Moreover, I’m sure that his new colleagues in the dressing room, many of whom are on 48-week contracts, will fully understand that Mr. Barton is a special talent.

If there is any intrepid stenographer out there then the words “thirty thousand pounds per week” might be a good clue.

Of course, that putative salary could have been used to bring in several players.

Indeed, the Admirable Warburton made it clear at a recent presentation that the Sevco squad would need to be augmented by at least five quality players.

However, I’m sure that the very excellent Mr. Stewart Robertson will see the sense in spending that amount of the wage budget on ONE player.

No doubt the news that Sevco can afford such a substantial remuneration package will be of great interest on Planet Agent.

I can imagine that these savvy operators will soon be offering their highly valued clients to Sevco in the days ahead.

Obviously, they might very well use the salary package of Mr. Barton as a benchmark for negotiations.

Exciting times ahead then for the four-year-old club, especially with the Admirable Warburton at the helm.

It must be heartening to the Ibrox home crowd that the ex-City trader is enjoying such substantial financial backing from the board of the Holding Company Vehicle.

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