Hanging on the telephone

I must confess that I’m starting to get slightly concerned.

As of yesterday afternoon, the senior chaps in the Sevco regime had not heard from the Admirable Warburton.

I do hope that there was a call today, just to put minds at ease.

Of course, it could be worse.

Some of those generous Sevco directors could ask for their money back from the Holding Company Vehicle.

However, I’m sure that will not happen.

I expect that the normal conclave this week will be all business.

Ah yes, business.

Now one of those business plans would be a good idea.

Especially one that includes proof that there are enough funds to see out the season and fulfil all of the fixtures.

Once that is in place, then the public sale of season tickets can go ahead.

I suppose that it is important to get those fiduciary ducks in a row.

Of course, there is no major cash flow issue as Mr David Cunningham King is poised to overinvest.

Whatever it takes and all that.

I have been interested for some time as to the precise modalities of how Big Mike received his £5m earlier this year.

Was it a loan?

The thing with being de-listed is that you and I dear reader do not need to know this stuff.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am rather nosey on your behalf dear reader.

So watch this space on that one…

The late Jock Stein knew that football was part of the entertainment industry, and Sevco is certainly that.

The year-end accounts will be highly entertaining.

I am particularly looking forward to how those excellent chaps in Campbell Dallas accommodate those unaudited interims.

I’m told by number crunching buddies to keep an eye out for that one.

Regular readers here will not be surprised that Big Mike’s “humiliating climb-down” was no such thing.

He now has three of his biggest hitters on the board of Rangers Retail Limited.

A buddy in Shannonside contacted me to say that he spotted Sevco tops on sale in the Limerick branch of Heaton’s.

That chain store gives floor space to Sports Direct here in the Republic of Ireland.

I know that fine city very well, and it has never been associated with matters Ibrox.

Of course, should those Sevco tops remain unsold in that fine emporium in Munster then the Holding Company Vehicle will have to buy them back from Big Mike plus a handling, which is only fair after all.

I understand that an invoice for the unsold stock from the last year is now being prepared at Shirebrook.

In the meantime, I hope Mr Warburton gets in touch if just to speak to his new player Mr Barton for the first time.

That would be nice.

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