Still hanging on the telephone

I am told that this morning the indefatigable Paul Murray entered the Big House looking rather burdened.

It was remarked to me by an Ibrox insider that the Real Rangers Man would not make a good poker player.

Perhaps his forlorn expression was down to the fact that he might be anticipating a very large invoice from Planet Ashley as part of Big Mike’s ‘humiliating climbdown.’

However, it could be that he feels that his offshore chairman Mr David Cunningham King is, well, rather distant these days.

Those long distance relationships can be hard work.

I suppose it doesn’t help that, as of this morning, Mr Murray had not heard from the Admirable Warburton.

It does seem rather strange that I have had more recent contact with the ex-City trader than the chaps in the Blue Room.

The rigours of pre-season training are almost upon us, and the stenographers are getting in shape by attending spinning classes.

They do their best to mention the Admirable Warburton, but there are no direct quotes.

The trick is to gush out copy that has the appearance that the Sevco manager is actually in touch.

A few words from the mouth of the ex-City trader and even a photo opportunity would put an end to the speculation.

For the avoidance of doubt, the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

However, I’m sure that The People would like to see the Admirable Warburton back at his desk as of yesterday.

If the ex-City trader could be put in front of a camera at Murray Park, then this story would be dead.

Until then the speculation continues.

One Ibrox insider said to me that he would not be surprised if the next time the Holding Company Vehicle actually hears from their esteemed manager it will be in the shape of a formal missive apropos his anticipated remuneration.

I said I was sure that it would all be sorted out and that the ex-City trader would get in touch to say he was fine.

Of course, anything else would be a bonus.

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