Changing the menu and being consumed with envy

The first day of pre-season training is always an important event in the life of any football club.

As I had stated earlier this month, I was not surprised when Admirable Warburton turned up for duty and thereby fulfilled his contractual obligations.

Decent guy, a man of his word.

I understand that he had hoped that there would be a meeting that day regarding certain outstanding issues, but the summit did not happen.

I am sure that if others meet their commitments to him, then that will be a bonus.

If the chaps in the stenography business would take a break from churning out Sevco infomercials, then they might discover some real stories out there.

Recent boardroom changes in Rangers Retail Limited suggested that General Ashley is gearing up for a fresh offensive.

I would not be surprised if the Sports Direct magnate is eagerly awaiting the prospect of going legal on the retail deal.

If this dispute does go down that road, then Puma and 32 Red could be collateral damage.

I am aware that several chaps in the Blue Room have counselled caution about ending up in court against Sports Direct, the kit manufacturer, and the shirt sponsor.

Apparently Mr David Cunningham King has looked with envy at the revenues that Celtic are bringing in from both Dafabet and Magners.

I understand that a conversation with 32 Red about them moving to the back of the shirt to allow the front space to be sold did not get very far.

A deal is a deal etc.

What is being played out in the Blue Room at the moment could be a case study in the Dunning–Kruger effect.

In March 2015 some folks took over a football club and in retrospect it was pretty plain sailing.

Get the fans onside, subvert the season ticket sales and enlist the local media.

Once in place at the top of the Marble Staircase then the problems started to become clearer.

Running football clubs takes a specific skill set

Bringing in Stewart Robertson was a smart move, but then it would help if his wise counsel was heeded more often.

Mr David Cunningham King, Mr Paul Murray, and Mr John Gilligan do not, as far as I’m aware, have any experience in running a professional football club.

They might have thought it would have been easy, but it isn’t.

If they look across the city, they will see how it should be done regarding sponsorship deals and the entire off-field thing.

The fans rejoiced when Mr David Cunningham King and his colleagues had taken over Rangers in March 2015.

However, in fact, they seized control of Rangers International Football Club and its loss-making subsidiary The Rangers Football Club (formerly Sevco Scotland Limited).

The difficult job is making it all work.

Realising just how  tough that would be must have come as a real kick in the basket of assets.

Back in the agitprop days of statement o’clock it might have looked easy from the vantage point of Johannesburg.

However, running a football club which has restricted revenue streams, especially when no one will extend you a credit line IS challenging.

Several people in the Blue Room know this and have tried to raise their perfectly justifiable concerns.

A loss-making business that cannot access normal borrowing facilities is not in a good place dear reader.

That remains true even if the stenographers have editorial orders to look the other way.

The Admirable Warburton must now realise that the promises made to him about transfer budgets when he joined Sevco were not entirely accurate.

At Lennoxtown on the same day as the Murray Park photo call, the assembled Celtic squad were left in no doubt that Brendan Rodgers is master of all he surveys in the football operation.

So far several well-paid underachievers have been shown the door at Celtic.

In Chris Davies, it is fair to say that Don Brendan has found his sports science Luca Brasi.

Anyone who doesn’t shape up at Lennoxtown will almost certainly ship out.

If some of Ronny Deila’s guys end up sleeping with the fish suppers then it won’t be personal, just business.

Of course, new acquisitions will arrive in time for the new campaign.

Although the linking of Liverpool player Danny Ings to Sevco was high-Level pish, connecting to him to Celtic could have some basis in reality.

As would Welshman Joe Allan, as I understand that representatives of both players have had exploratory talks with Rodgers.

A Celtic manager, fully in charge with substantial transfer funds at his disposal and the full backing of the board.

For the avoidance of doubt, this summer blockbuster is not being brought to you by Heated Driveway productions.

The menu has been changed.

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